Canadian Mathematical Society
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The Canadian Mathematical Society exists due to the effort and dedication of Canada's community of mathematicians.

We attempt to support our community through the distribution of funding for grants, prizes and awards and scholarships. We provide a central hub for the research groups and publications (including our own academic journals) for our research community. We also encourage mathematicians and educators to use specialized resources for fostering a greater involvement of women and girls in mathematics and math education.

Canada is a large and sparsely-populated country so we provide a nation-wide list of employment vacancies (both academic and in industry or goverment) of interest to mathematically-trained workers.

The CMS is one of many internationally-recognized mathematical organizations. Our members come from university math departments, institutes and other organizations world-wide.

It is our mission to nurture the professional interaction and cameraderie amongst mathematicians both within in the Canadian community and between Canada and the world.

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