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Operations Research 3)  Operational Research Applications to Health Care / Applications de recherche opérationnelle dans les services médicaus

JOHN BLAKE, Department of Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie University Polytechnic, Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3J 2X4
Goal programming in hospital case mix management

Product mix planning models are a well-known class of problems that have been investigated since the 1950's. In the classic product mix planning model, a decision maker selects the volume and mix of product that maximizes profit, subject to constraints on input and production capability. Over the years, product mix models have been applied in a variety of industrial settings. Researchers have also attempted to port product mix models to problems of determining an optimal case mix for hospitals. These applications have, for a number of reasons been less than successful. Implementation difficulties include a nave understanding of health care supply and a failure to recognize the hospital case mix selection problem as a multi-dimensional problem encompassing several decision makers, for whom profit maximization may not be assumed. In this talk, we will introduce goal programming and describe its application to hospital case mix management. The talk will focus on both the theory of goal programming and its application to this problem.

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