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CMS Participation in External Organizations

The Canadian Mathematical Society is pleased to participate in the broader communities of mathematics, publishing, and academia. The communities listed below are not organized by us, but the CMS participates in their discussions or activities.

Readers may also want to consult our Canadian Mathematical Community listings and our reciprocal societies list.

American Institute of Mathematics (AIM)


The American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) is a non-profit organization that aims to expand the frontiers of mathematical knowledge through focused research projects, sponsored conferences, and other projects.

The CMS participates in the AIM working group for Mathematics and Planet Earth 2013.

CMS Contact(s): Johan Rudnick, CMS Representative, MPE2013 Working Group

American Mathematical Society (AMS)


logo:American Mathematical Society (AMS)

The American Mathematical Society is dedicated to advancing research and connecting the diverse global mathematical community through our publications, meetings and conferences, MathSciNet, professional services, advocacy, and awareness programs.

The CMS has a reciprocal agreement with the AMS and appoints an individual to serve as the CMS representative to the AMS.

CMS Contact(s): Alejandro Adem, CMS Representative



A not-for-profit network founded on publisher collaboration, with a mandate to make reference linking throughout online scholarly literature efficient and reliable. As such, it is an infrastructure for linking citations across publishers, and the only full-scale implementation of the Digital Object Identifier (or DOI) System to date.

The CMS is a voting member of CrossRef.

CMS Contact(s): Johan Rudnick, CMS Representative

International Commission on Mathematics Instruction (ICMI)


logo:International Commission on Mathematics Instruction (ICMI)

The International Commission on Mathematics Instruction (ICMI) is a commission of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) and is devoted to the development of mathematical education at all levels.

The CMS appoints the Canadian National Representative to the ICMI.

CMS Contact(s): Frédéric Gourdeau, Canadian Representative

International Mathematical Union (IMU)


The International Mathematical Union (IMU) is an international non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization, with the purpose of promoting international cooperation in mathematics.

The CMS International Affairs Committee acts as the Canadian National Committee to the IMU.  The committee communicates the views of the Canadian mathematical community on relevant issues to the IMU, promotes the capabilities and strengths of Canadian mathematics internationally, and provides information to the Canadian Mathematical Community about the IMU's position on relevant issues and IMU activities.  In addition, the Committee selects the official delegates to attend the meeting of the General Assembly of the IMU, which is held once every four years.

CMS Contact(s):

Niky Kamran, Committee Chair

Steven Boyer, Committee Member

Kenneth Davidson, Committee Member

Marko Merkli, Commitee Member

Gordon Slade, Commitee Member

Mathematical Association of America (MAA)


logo:Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is a professional organization that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level.

The CMS representative acts as the voice of the MAA's Canadian membership.

CMS Contact(s): Richard Guy, MAA Governor of Canada

Mathematical Congress of the Americas


logo:Mathematical Congress of the Americas

The inaugural Mathematical Congress of the Americas will take place in Guanajuato, Mexico, August 5-9, 2013. The goal of the Congress is to highlight the excellence of mathematical achievements in the Americas within the context of the international arena, and foster collaborations among researchers, students, institutions and mathematical societies in the Americas.

The CMS is a founding sponsor of MCA 2013.

CMS Contact(s): Alejandro Adem, CMS Representive to the Steering Committee

Mathematics and Planet Earth 2013


logo:Mathematics and Planet Earth 2013

Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013) is an international initiative to provide a platform to showcase the essential relevance of mathematics to planetary problems.

The CMS is a MPE2013 partner.

CMS Contact(s): Jacques Hurtubise, CMS President

Mathematics-NSERC Liaison Committee


The Mathematics-NSERC Liaison Committee seeks to represent the Canadian mathematics community to NSERC and react on behalf of the mathematics community to issues that arise.  The committee is independent of any other organization or professional society and its members are a broadly representative sample of the Canadian mathematics community.

CMS Contact(s): Tom Salisbury, CMS Representative

Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence


The Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence recognize the efforts of outstanding teachers in all disciplines, promote what they have achieved, and share the their innovative and successful teaching practices.

The Canadian Mathematical Society is a participating organization in the selection process for the awards.

CMS Contact(s): Peter Taylor, CMS Representative

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