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Quantum Multiple Construction of Subfactors

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 Printed: Sep 2008
  • Marta Asaeda
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We construct the quantum $s$-tuple subfactors for an AFD II$_{1}$ subfactor with finite index and depth, for an arbitrary natural number $s$. This is a generalization of the quantum multiple subfactors by Erlijman and Wenzl, which in turn generalized the quantum double construction of a subfactor for the case that the original subfactor gives rise to a braided tensor category. In this paper we give a multiple construction for a subfactor with a weaker condition than braidedness of the bimodule system.
MSC Classifications: 46L37, 81T05 show english descriptions Subfactors and their classification
Axiomatic quantum field theory; operator algebras
46L37 - Subfactors and their classification
81T05 - Axiomatic quantum field theory; operator algebras

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