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$\varphi$-Dialgebras and a Class of Matrix ``Coquecigrues''

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 Printed: Mar 2007
  • Fausto Ongay
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Starting with the Leibniz algebra defined by a $\varphi$-dialgebra, we construct examples of ``coquecigrues,'' in the sense of Loday, that is to say, manifolds whose tangent structure at a distinguished point coincides with that of the Leibniz algebra. We discuss some possible implications and generalizations of this construction.
Keywords: Leibniz algebras, dialgebras Leibniz algebras, dialgebras
MSC Classifications: 14M30 show english descriptions Supervarieties [See also 32C11, 58A50] 14M30 - Supervarieties [See also 32C11, 58A50]

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