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Orbits and Stabilizers for Solvable Linear Groups

Open Access article
 Printed: Jun 2006
  • Jeffrey M. Riedl
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We extend a result of Noritzsch, which describes the orbit sizes in the action of a Frobenius group $G$ on a finite vector space $V$ under certain conditions, to a more general class of finite solvable groups $G$. This result has applications in computing irreducible character degrees of finite groups. Another application, proved here, is a result concerning the structure of certain groups with few complex irreducible character degrees.
MSC Classifications: 20B99, 20C15, 20C20 show english descriptions None of the above, but in this section
Ordinary representations and characters
Modular representations and characters
20B99 - None of the above, but in this section
20C15 - Ordinary representations and characters
20C20 - Modular representations and characters

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