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Correction to: On the Diophantine Equation $n(n+d)\cdots(n+(k-1)d)=by^l$

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  • K. Győry
  • L. Hajdu
  • N. Saradha
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In the article under consideration (Canad. Math. Bull. \textbf{47} (2004), pp.~373--388), Lemma 6 is not true in the form presented there. Lemma 6 is used only in the proof of part (i) of Theorem 9. We note, however, that part (i) of Theorem 9 in question is a special case of a theorem by Bennet, Bruin, Gy\H{o}ry and Hajdu.
MSC Classifications: 11D41 show english descriptions Higher degree equations; Fermat's equation 11D41 - Higher degree equations; Fermat's equation

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