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Hyperplanes of the Form ${f_1(x,y)z_1+\dots+f_k(x,y)z_k+g(x,y)}$ Are Variables

Open Access article
 Printed: Dec 2005
  • Stéphane Vénéreau
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The Abhyankar--Sathaye Embedded Hyperplane Problem asks whe\-ther any hypersurface of $\C^n$ isomorphic to $\C^{n-1}$ is rectifiable, {\em i.e.,} equivalent to a linear hyperplane up to an automorphism of $\C^n$. Generalizing the approach adopted by Kaliman, V\'en\'ereau, and Zaidenberg which consists in using almost nothing but the acyclicity of $\C^{n-1}$, we solve this problem for hypersurfaces given by polynomials of $\C[x,y,z_1,\dots, z_k]$ as in the title.
Keywords: variables, Abhyankar--Sathaye Embedding Problem variables, Abhyankar--Sathaye Embedding Problem
MSC Classifications: 14R10, 14R25 show english descriptions Affine spaces (automorphisms, embeddings, exotic structures, cancellation problem)
Affine fibrations [See also 14D06]
14R10 - Affine spaces (automorphisms, embeddings, exotic structures, cancellation problem)
14R25 - Affine fibrations [See also 14D06]

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