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Trigonometric Multipliers on $H_{2\pi}$

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 Printed: Sep 2005
  • J. E. Daly
  • S. Fridli
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In this paper we consider multipliers on the real Hardy space $H_{2\pi}$. It is known that the Marcinkiewicz and the H\"ormander--Mihlin conditions are sufficient for the corresponding trigonometric multiplier to be bounded on $L_{2\pi}^p$, $1
Keywords: Multipliers, Hardy space Multipliers, Hardy space
MSC Classifications: 42A45, 42A50, 42A85 show english descriptions Multipliers
Conjugate functions, conjugate series, singular integrals
Convolution, factorization
42A45 - Multipliers
42A50 - Conjugate functions, conjugate series, singular integrals
42A85 - Convolution, factorization

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