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Biquadratic Extensions with One Break

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 Printed: Jun 2002
  • Nigel P. Byott
  • G. Griffith Elder
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We explicitly describe, in terms of indecomposable $\mathbb{Z}_2 [G]$-modules, the Galois module structure of ideals in totally ramified biquadratic extensions of local number fields with only one break in their ramification filtration. This paper completes work begun in [Elder: Canad. J.~Math. (5) {\bf 50}(1998), 1007--1047].
MSC Classifications: 11S15, 20C11 show english descriptions Ramification and extension theory
$p$-adic representations of finite groups
11S15 - Ramification and extension theory
20C11 - $p$-adic representations of finite groups

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