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The Grade Conjecture and the $S_{2}$ Condition

Open Access article
 Printed: Mar 2002
  • Agustín Marcelo
  • Félix Marcelo
  • César Rodríguez
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Sufficient conditions are given in order to prove the lowest unknown case of the grade conjecture. The proof combines vanishing results of local cohomology and the $S_{2}$ condition.
MSC Classifications: 13D22, 13D45, 13D25, 13C15 show english descriptions Homological conjectures (intersection theorems)
Local cohomology [See also 14B15]
Dimension theory, depth, related rings (catenary, etc.)
13D22 - Homological conjectures (intersection theorems)
13D45 - Local cohomology [See also 14B15]
13D25 - Complexes
13C15 - Dimension theory, depth, related rings (catenary, etc.)

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