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On Cyclic Fields of Odd Prime Degree $p$ with Infinite Hilbert $p$-Class Field Towers

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 Printed: Mar 2002
  • Frank Gerth III
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Let $k$ be a cyclic extension of odd prime degree $p$ of the field of rational numbers. If $t$ denotes the number of primes that ramify in $k$, it is known that the Hilbert $p$-class field tower of $k$ is infinite if $t>3+2\sqrt p$. For each $t>2+\sqrt p$, this paper shows that a positive proportion of such fields $k$ have infinite Hilbert $p$-class field towers.
MSC Classifications: 11R29, 11R37, 11R45 show english descriptions Class numbers, class groups, discriminants
Class field theory
Density theorems
11R29 - Class numbers, class groups, discriminants
11R37 - Class field theory
11R45 - Density theorems

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