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Algebraic Homology For Real Hyperelliptic and Real Projective Ruled Surfaces

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 Printed: Sep 2001
  • Miguel A. Ab├ínades
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Let $X$ be a reduced nonsingular quasiprojective scheme over ${\mathbb R}$ such that the set of real rational points $X({\mathbb R})$ is dense in $X$ and compact. Then $X({\mathbb R})$ is a real algebraic variety. Denote by $H_k^{\alg}(X({\mathbb R}), {\mathbb Z}/2)$ the group of homology classes represented by Zariski closed $k$-dimensional subvarieties of $X({\mathbb R})$. In this note we show that $H_1^{\alg} (X({\mathbb R}), {\mathbb Z}/2)$ is a proper subgroup of $H_1(X({\mathbb R}), {\mathbb Z}/2)$ for a nonorientable hyperelliptic surface $X$. We also determine all possible groups $H_1^{\alg}(X({\mathbb R}), {\mathbb Z}/2)$ for a real ruled surface $X$ in connection with the previously known description of all possible topological configurations of $X$.
MSC Classifications: 14P05, 14P25 show english descriptions Real algebraic sets [See also 12Dxx, 13P30]
Topology of real algebraic varieties
14P05 - Real algebraic sets [See also 12Dxx, 13P30]
14P25 - Topology of real algebraic varieties

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