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The Dynamics of Localized Solutions of Nonlocal Reaction-Diffusion Equations

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 Printed: Dec 2000
  • Michael J. Ward
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Many classes of singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equations possess localized solutions where the gradient of the solution is large only in the vicinity of certain points or interfaces in the domain. The problems of this type that are considered are an interface propagation model from materials science and an activator-inhibitor model of morphogenesis. These two models are formulated as nonlocal partial differential equations. Results concerning the existence of equilibria, their stability, and the dynamical behavior of localized structures in the interior and on the boundary of the domain are surveyed for these two models. By examining the spectrum associated with the linearization of these problems around certain canonical solutions, it is shown that the nonlocal term can lead to the existence of an exponentially small principal eigenvalue for the linearized problem. This eigenvalue is then responsible for an exponentially slow, or metastable, motion of the localized structure.
MSC Classifications: 35Q35, 35C20, 35K60 show english descriptions PDEs in connection with fluid mechanics
Asymptotic expansions
Nonlinear initial value problems for linear parabolic equations
35Q35 - PDEs in connection with fluid mechanics
35C20 - Asymptotic expansions
35K60 - Nonlinear initial value problems for linear parabolic equations

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