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Remarks on certain metaplectic groups

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 Printed: Dec 1998
  • Heng Sun
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We study metaplectic coverings of the adelized group of a split connected reductive group $G$ over a number field $F$. Assume its derived group $G'$ is a simply connected simple Chevalley group. The purpose is to provide some naturally defined sections for the coverings with good properties which might be helpful when we carry some explicit calculations in the theory of automorphic forms on metaplectic groups. Specifically, we \begin{enumerate} \item construct metaplectic coverings of $G({\Bbb A})$ from those of $G'({\Bbb A})$; \item for any non-archimedean place $v$, show the section for a covering of $G(F_{v})$ constructed from a Steinberg section is an isomorphism, both algebraically and topologically in an open subgroup of $G(F_{v})$; \item define a global section which is a product of local sections on a maximal torus, a unipotent subgroup and a set of representatives for the Weyl group.
MSC Classifications: 20G10, 11F75 show english descriptions Cohomology theory
Cohomology of arithmetic groups
20G10 - Cohomology theory
11F75 - Cohomology of arithmetic groups

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