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Dependent automorphisms in prime rings

Open Access article
 Printed: Dec 1998
  • Matej BreŇ°ar
  • W. S. Martindale 3rd
  • C. Robert Miers
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For each $n\geq 4$ we construct a class of examples of a minimal $C$-dependent set of $n$ automorphisms of a prime ring $R$, where $C$ is the extended centroid of $R$. For $n=4$ and $n=5$ it is shown that the preceding examples are completely general, whereas for $n=6$ an example is given which fails to enjoy any of the nice properties of the above example.
MSC Classifications: 16N60, 16W20 show english descriptions Prime and semiprime rings [See also 16D60, 16U10]
Automorphisms and endomorphisms
16N60 - Prime and semiprime rings [See also 16D60, 16U10]
16W20 - Automorphisms and endomorphisms

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