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On the ideal-triangularizability of semigroups of quasinilpotent positive operators on $C({\cal K})$

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 Printed: Sep 1998
  • M. T. Jahandideh
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It is known that a semigroup of quasinilpotent integral operators, with positive lower semicontinuous kernels, on $L^2( X, \mu)$, where $X$ is a locally compact Hausdorff-Lindel\"of space and $\mu$ is a $\sigma$-finite regular Borel measure on $X$, is triangularizable. In this article we use the Banach lattice version of triangularizability to establish the ideal-triangularizability of a semigroup of positive quasinilpotent integral operators on $C({\cal K})$ where ${\cal K}$ is a compact Hausdorff space.
MSC Classifications: 47B65 show english descriptions Positive operators and order-bounded operators 47B65 - Positive operators and order-bounded operators

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