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Almost Disjointness Preservers

 Printed: Jun 2017
  • Timur Oikhberg,
    Dept. of Mathematics, University of Illinois, Urbana IL 61801, USA
  • Pedro Tradacete,
    Mathematics Department, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, E-28911 Legan├ęs, Madrid, Spain
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We study the stability of disjointness preservers on Banach lattices. In many cases, we prove that an "almost disjointness preserving" operator is well approximable by a disjointness preserving one. However, this approximation is not always possible, as our examples show.
Keywords: Banach lattice, disjointness preserving Banach lattice, disjointness preserving
MSC Classifications: 47B38, 46B42 show english descriptions Operators on function spaces (general)
Banach lattices [See also 46A40, 46B40]
47B38 - Operators on function spaces (general)
46B42 - Banach lattices [See also 46A40, 46B40]

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