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Cumulants of the $q$-semicircular Law, Tutte Polynomials, and Heaps

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 Printed: Aug 2013
  • Matthieu Josuat-Vergès,
    CNRS and Institut Gaspard Monge, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, 5 Boulevard Descartes, Champs-sur-Marne, 77454 Marne-la-Vallée cedex 2, France
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The $q$-semicircular distribution is a probability law that interpolates between the Gaussian law and the semicircular law. There is a combinatorial interpretation of its moments in terms of matchings where $q$ follows the number of crossings, whereas for the free cumulants one has to restrict the enumeration to connected matchings. The purpose of this article is to describe combinatorial properties of the classical cumulants. We show that like the free cumulants, they are obtained by an enumeration of connected matchings, the weight being now an evaluation of the Tutte polynomial of a so-called crossing graph. The case $q=0$ of these cumulants was studied by Lassalle using symmetric functions and hypergeometric series. We show that the underlying combinatorics is explained through the theory of heaps, which is Viennot's geometric interpretation of the Cartier-Foata monoid. This method also gives a general formula for the cumulants in terms of free cumulants.
Keywords: moments, cumulants, matchings, Tutte polynomials, heaps moments, cumulants, matchings, Tutte polynomials, heaps
MSC Classifications: 05A18, 05C31, 46L54 show english descriptions Partitions of sets
Graph polynomials
Free probability and free operator algebras
05A18 - Partitions of sets
05C31 - Graph polynomials
46L54 - Free probability and free operator algebras

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