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On the Simple Inductive Limits of Splitting Interval Algebras with Dimension Drops

Open Access article
 Printed: Jun 2012
  • Zhiqiang Li,
    College of Mathematics and Information Science, Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, China
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A K-theoretic classification is given of the simple inductive limits of finite direct sums of the type I $C^*$-algebras known as splitting interval algebras with dimension drops. (These are the subhomogeneous $C^*$-algebras, each having spectrum a finite union of points and an open interval, and torsion $\textrm{K}_1$-group.)
MSC Classifications: 46L05, 46L35 show english descriptions General theory of $C^*$-algebras
Classifications of $C^*$-algebras
46L05 - General theory of $C^*$-algebras
46L35 - Classifications of $C^*$-algebras

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