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Homotopy Self-Equivalences of 4-manifolds with Free Fundamental Group

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 Printed: Dec 2010
  • Mehmetcik Pamuk,
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
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We calculate the group of homotopy classes of homotopy self-equivalences of $4$-manifolds with free fundamental group and obtain a classification of such $4$-manifolds up to $s$-cobordism.
MSC Classifications: 57N13, 55P10, 57R80 show english descriptions Topology of $E^4$, $4$-manifolds [See also 14Jxx, 32Jxx]
Homotopy equivalences
$h$- and $s$-cobordism
57N13 - Topology of $E^4$, $4$-manifolds [See also 14Jxx, 32Jxx]
55P10 - Homotopy equivalences
57R80 - $h$- and $s$-cobordism

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