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Mutually Aposyndetic Decomposition of Homogeneous Continua

Open Access article
 Printed: Feb 2010
  • Janusz R. Prajs,
    California State University Sacramento
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A new decomposition, the \emph{mutually aposyndetic decomposition} of homogeneous continua into closed, homogeneous sets is introduced. This decomposition is respected by homeomorphisms and topologically unique. Its quotient is a mutually aposyndetic homogeneous continuum, and in all known examples, as well as in some general cases, the members of the decomposition are semi-indecomposable continua. As applications, we show that hereditarily decomposable homogeneous continua and path connected homogeneous continua are mutually aposyndetic. A class of new examples of homogeneous continua is defined. The mutually aposyndetic decomposition of each of these continua is non-trivial and different from Jones' aposyndetic decomposition.
Keywords: ample, aposyndetic, continuum, decomposition, filament, homogeneous ample, aposyndetic, continuum, decomposition, filament, homogeneous
MSC Classifications: 54F15, 54B15 show english descriptions Continua and generalizations
Quotient spaces, decompositions
54F15 - Continua and generalizations
54B15 - Quotient spaces, decompositions

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