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Functorial Decompositions of Looped Coassociative Co-$H$ Spaces

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 Printed: Aug 2006
  • P. Selick
  • S. Theriault
  • J. Wu
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Selick and Wu gave a functorial decomposition of $\Omega\Sigma X$ for path-connected, $p$-local \linebreak$\CW$\nbd-com\-plexes $X$ which obtained the smallest nontrivial functorial retract $A^{\min}(X)$ of $\Omega\Sigma X$. This paper uses methods developed by the second author in order to extend such functorial decompositions to the loops on coassociative co-$H$ spaces.
Keywords: homotopy decomposition, coassociative co-$H$ spaces homotopy decomposition, coassociative co-$H$ spaces
MSC Classifications: 55P53 show english descriptions unknown classification 55P53 55P53 - unknown classification 55P53

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