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Deformations of $G_2$ and $\Spin(7)$ Structures

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 Printed: Oct 2005
  • Spiro Karigiannis
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We consider some deformations of $G_2$-structures on $7$-manifolds. We discover a canonical way to deform a $G_2$-structure by a vector field in which the associated metric gets ``twisted'' in some way by the vector cross product. We present a system of partial differential equations for an unknown vector field $w$ whose solution would yield a manifold with holonomy $G_2$. Similarly we consider analogous constructions for $\Spin(7)$-structures on $8$-manifolds. Some of the results carry over directly, while others do not because of the increased complexity of the $\Spin(7)$ case.
Keywords: $G_2 \Spin(7)$, holonomy, metrics, cross product $G_2 \Spin(7)$, holonomy, metrics, cross product
MSC Classifications: 53C26, 53C29 show english descriptions Hyper-Kahler and quaternionic Kahler geometry, ``special'' geometry
Issues of holonomy
53C26 - Hyper-Kahler and quaternionic Kahler geometry, ``special'' geometry
53C29 - Issues of holonomy

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