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Variations of Mixed Hodge Structures of Multiple Polylogarithms

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 Printed: Dec 2004
  • Jianqiang Zhao
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It is well known that multiple polylogarithms give rise to good unipotent variations of mixed Hodge-Tate structures. In this paper we shall {\em explicitly} determine these structures related to multiple logarithms and some other multiple polylogarithms of lower weights. The purpose of this explicit construction is to give some important applications: First we study the limit of mixed Hodge-Tate structures and make a conjecture relating the variations of mixed Hodge-Tate structures of multiple logarithms to those of general multiple {\em poly}\/logarithms. Then following Deligne and Beilinson we describe an approach to defining the single-valued real analytic version of the multiple polylogarithms which generalizes the well-known result of Zagier on classical polylogarithms. In the process we find some interesting identities relating single-valued multiple polylogarithms of the same weight $k$ when $k=2$ and 3. At the end of this paper, motivated by Zagier's conjecture we pose a problem which relates the special values of multiple Dedekind zeta functions of a number field to the single-valued version of multiple polylogarithms.
MSC Classifications: 14D07, 14D05, 33B30 show english descriptions Variation of Hodge structures [See also 32G20]
Structure of families (Picard-Lefschetz, monodromy, etc.)
Higher logarithm functions
14D07 - Variation of Hodge structures [See also 32G20]
14D05 - Structure of families (Picard-Lefschetz, monodromy, etc.)
33B30 - Higher logarithm functions

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