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Central Sequence Algebras of a Purely Infinite Simple $C^{*}$-algebra

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 Printed: Dec 2004
  • Akitaka Kishimoto
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We are concerned with a unital separable nuclear purely infinite simple $C^{*}$-algebra\ $A$ satisfying UCT with a Rohlin flow, as a continuation of~\cite{Kismh}. Our first result (which is independent of the Rohlin flow) is to characterize when two {\em central} projections in $A$ are equivalent by a {\em central} partial isometry. Our second result shows that the K-theory of the central sequence algebra $A'\cap A^\omega$ (for an $\omega\in \beta\N\setminus\N$) and its {\em fixed point} algebra under the flow are the same (incorporating the previous result). We will also complete and supplement the characterization result of the Rohlin property for flows stated in~ \cite{Kismh}.
MSC Classifications: 46L40 show english descriptions Automorphisms 46L40 - Automorphisms

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