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K-Homology of the Rotation Algebras $A_{\theta}$

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 Printed: Oct 2004
  • Tom Hadfield
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We study the K-homology of the rotation algebras $A_{\theta}$ using the six-term cyclic sequence for the K-homology of a crossed product by ${\bf Z}$. In the case that $\theta$ is irrational, we use Pimsner and Voiculescu's work on AF-embeddings of the $A_{\theta}$ to search for the missing generator of the even K-homology.
MSC Classifications: 58B34, 19K33, 46L show english descriptions Noncommutative geometry (a la Connes)
EXT and $K$-homology [See also 55N22]
unknown classification 46L
58B34 - Noncommutative geometry (a la Connes)
19K33 - EXT and $K$-homology [See also 55N22]
46L - unknown classification 46L

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