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Geodesics in a Manifold with Heisenberg Group as Boundary

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 Printed: Jun 2004
  • Yilong Ni
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The Heisenberg group is considered as the boundary of a manifold. A class of hypersurfaces in this manifold can be regarded as copies of the Heisenberg group. The properties of geodesics in the interior and on the hypersurfaces are worked out in detail. These properties are strongly related to those of the Heisenberg group.
Keywords: Heisenberg group, Hamiltonian mechanics, geodesic Heisenberg group, Hamiltonian mechanics, geodesic
MSC Classifications: 53C22, 53C17 show english descriptions Geodesics [See also 58E10]
Sub-Riemannian geometry
53C22 - Geodesics [See also 58E10]
53C17 - Sub-Riemannian geometry

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