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Cohomology of Complex Torus Bundles Associated to Cocycles

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 Printed: Aug 2003
  • Min Ho Lee
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Equivariant holomorphic maps of Hermitian symmetric domains into Siegel upper half spaces can be used to construct families of abelian varieties parametrized by locally symmetric spaces, which can be regarded as complex torus bundles over the parameter spaces. We extend the construction of such torus bundles using 2-cocycles of discrete subgroups of the semisimple Lie groups associated to the given symmetric domains and investigate some of their properties. In particular, we determine their cohomology along the fibers.
MSC Classifications: 14K10, 14D06, 14F99 show english descriptions Algebraic moduli, classification [See also 11G15]
Fibrations, degenerations
None of the above, but in this section
14K10 - Algebraic moduli, classification [See also 11G15]
14D06 - Fibrations, degenerations
14F99 - None of the above, but in this section

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