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Two Algorithms for a Moving Frame Construction

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 Printed: Apr 2003
  • Irina A. Kogan
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The method of moving frames, introduced by Elie Cartan, is a powerful tool for the solution of various equivalence problems. The practical implementation of Cartan's method, however, remains challenging, despite its later significant development and generalization. This paper presents two new variations on the Fels and Olver algorithm, which under some conditions on the group action, simplify a moving frame construction. In addition, the first algorithm leads to a better understanding of invariant differential forms on the jet bundles, while the second expresses the differential invariants for the entire group in terms of the differential invariants of its subgroup.
MSC Classifications: 53A55, 58D19, 68U10 show english descriptions Differential invariants (local theory), geometric objects
Group actions and symmetry properties
Image processing
53A55 - Differential invariants (local theory), geometric objects
58D19 - Group actions and symmetry properties
68U10 - Image processing

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