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Stratification Theory from the Weighted Point of View

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 Printed: Feb 2001
  • Toshizumi Fukui
  • Laurentiu Paunescu
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In this paper, we investigate stratification theory in terms of the defining equations of strata and maps (without tube systems), offering a concrete approach to show that some given family is topologically trivial. In this approach, we consider a weighted version of $(w)$-regularity condition and Kuo's ratio test condition.
MSC Classifications: 32B99, 14P25, 32Cxx, 58A35 show english descriptions None of the above, but in this section
Topology of real algebraic varieties
Analytic spaces
Stratified sets [See also 32S60]
32B99 - None of the above, but in this section
14P25 - Topology of real algebraic varieties
32Cxx - Analytic spaces
58A35 - Stratified sets [See also 32S60]

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