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Discrete Series of Classical Groups

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 Printed: Oct 2000
  • Yuanli Zhang
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Let $G_n$ be the split classical groups $\Sp(2n)$, $\SO(2n+1)$ and $\SO(2n)$ defined over a $p$-adic field F or the quasi-split classical groups $U(n,n)$ and $U(n+1,n)$ with respect to a quadratic extension $E/F$. We prove the self-duality of unitary supercuspidal data of standard Levi subgroups of $G_n(F)$ which give discrete series representations of $G_n(F)$.
MSC Classifications: 22E35 show english descriptions Analysis on $p$-adic Lie groups 22E35 - Analysis on $p$-adic Lie groups

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