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Cohomology of Complex Projective Stiefel Manifolds

Open Access article
 Printed: Oct 1999
  • L. Astey
  • S. Gitler
  • E. Micha
  • G. Pastor
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The cohomology algebra mod $p$ of the complex projective Stiefel manifolds is determined for all primes $p$. When $p=2$ we also determine the action of the Steenrod algebra and apply this to the problem of existence of trivial subbundles of multiples of the canonical line bundle over a lens space with $2$-torsion, obtaining optimal results in many cases.
MSC Classifications: 55N10, 55S10 show english descriptions Singular theory
Steenrod algebra
55N10 - Singular theory
55S10 - Steenrod algebra

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