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Weighted norm inequalities for fractional integral operators with rough kernel

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 Printed: Feb 1998
  • Yong Ding
  • Shanzhen Lu
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Given function $\Omega$ on ${\Bbb R^n}$, we define the fractional maximal operator and the fractional integral operator by $$ M_{\Omega,\alpha}\,f(x)=\sup_{r>0}\frac 1{r^{n-\alpha}} \int_{|\,y|1)$, homogeneous of degree zero.
MSC Classifications: 42B20, 42B25 show english descriptions Singular and oscillatory integrals (Calderon-Zygmund, etc.)
Maximal functions, Littlewood-Paley theory
42B20 - Singular and oscillatory integrals (Calderon-Zygmund, etc.)
42B25 - Maximal functions, Littlewood-Paley theory

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