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[last updated April 15, 2014]


President of the CMS, Keith Taylor (Dalhousie)
President Elect of the CMS, Lia Bronsard (McMaster)
Vice-President - Atlantic, Robert van den Hoogen (StFX)
Vice-President - Quebec, Louigi Addario-Berry (McGill)
Vice-President - Ontario, Gregory Smith (Queen's)
Vice-President - Western Prov. & Territories, Mark Lewis (Alberta)
Treasurer of the CMS, David Oakden
Executive director of the CMS, Johan Rudnick (CMS)

Committee Chairs:

Chair of the Advancement of Mathematics Committee, Keith Taylor (Dalhousie)
Chair of the Fundraising Committee, Keith Taylor (Dalhousie)

Chair of the Bilingualism Committee, Vacancy
Chair of the Education Committee, Peter Taylor (Queen's)
Chair of the Committee on Education Materials on the CMS Web Site, Vacancy
Chair of the Committee on Grants for Provincial Competitions, Brian Forrest (Waterloo)
Chair of the Math Camps Committee, Joseph Khoury (Ottawa)
Chair of the Committee on the Math in Moscow Program, Joseph Khoury (Ottawa)
Chair of the Selection Committee for the Adrien Pouliot Award, Vacancy
Chair of the Selection Committee for the Teaching Award, Vacancy

Chair of the Endowment Grants Committee, Odile Marcotte (CRM)
Chair of the Electronic Services Committee, Vacancy
Chair of the Finance Committee, Douglas Farenick (Regina)
Chair of the International Affairs Committee, Kenneth Davidson (Waterloo)
Chair of the Invested Funds Committee, Luis Seco (Toronto)
Chair of the Mathematical Competitions Committee, Bill Sands (Calgary)
Chair of the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Committee, Andrew Adler (UBC Vancouver)
Chair of the International Mathematical Olympiad Committee, Felix Recio (Toronto)
Chair of the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge Committee, Robert Woodrow (Calgary)

Chair of the Nominating Committee, Vacancy
Chair of the Publications Committee, Karl Dilcher (Dalhousie)
Chair of the Research Committee, Stephen Kudla (Toronto)
Chair of the Doctoral Prize Selection Committee, Daniel Wise (McGill)

Chair of the Student Committee, Irena Papst (McMaster), Louis-Xavier Proulx (Montréal)
Chair of the Women in Mathematics Committee, Shannon Fitzpatrick (UPEI)
Chair of the Distinguished Awards Selection Committee, Keith Taylor (Dalhousie)


Editors-in-Chief of Canadian Journal of Mathematics, Henry Kim (Toronto), Robert McCann (Toronto)
Editors-in-Chief of Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, Terry Gannon (Alberta), Volker Runde (Alberta)
Editors-in-Chief of CMS Books in Mathematics Series, Karl Dilcher (Dalhousie), Keith Taylor (Dalhousie)
Editor-in-Chief of Crux Mathematicorum with Mathematical Mayhem, Shawn Godin (Ottawa Carleton D.S.B.)
Editors-in-Chief of CMS Notes, Robert Dawson (St. Mary's), Srinivasa Swaminathan (Dalhousie)
Editor-in-Chief of CMS Treatises in Mathematics, Vacancy Poste à combler
Editor-in-Chief of ATOM, Alistair Lachlan (Simon Fraser)
Managing Editor (of all CMS publications), Johan Rudnick (CMS)
Technical Editor, Craig Platt (Manitoba)
Editor - Student Newsletter, Kseniya Garaschuk (Victoria)

Comité exécutif, président(e)s des comités et rédacteurs en chef de la SMC

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