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Volume 53 Number 1 (Mar 2010)

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  A Combinatorial Reciprocity Theorem for Hyperplane Arrangements
Athanasiadis, Christos A.
11   Approximation and Interpolation by Entire Functions of Several Variables
Burke, Maxim R.
23   Boundedness From Below of Multiplication Operators Between $\alpha$-Bloch Spaces
Chen, Huaihui; Zhang, Minzhu
37   $C^*$-Crossed-Products by an Order-Two Automorphism
Choi, Man-Duen; Latrémolière, Frédéric
51   On the Relationship Between Interpolation of Banach Algebras and Interpolation of Bilinear Operators
Cobos, Fernando; Fernández-Cabrera, Luz M.
58   Ranks in Families of Jacobian Varieties of Twisted Fermat Curves
Dąbrowski, Andrzej; Jędrzejak, Tomasz
64   On Antichains of Spreading Models of Banach Spaces
Dodos, Pandelis
77   Constructing (Almost) Rigid Rings and a UFD Having Infinitely Generated Derksen and Makar-Limanov Invariants
Finston, David; Maubach, Stefan
87   Elliptic Curves over the Perfect Closure of a Function Field
Ghioca, Dragos
95   Towards the Full Mordell-Lang Conjecture for Drinfeld Modules
Ghioca, Dragos
102   Spacings Between Integers Having Typically Many Prime Factors
Khan, Rizwanur
118   The Uncomplemented Spaces $W(X,Y)$ and $K(X,Y)$
Lewis, Paul
122   A Class of Finsler Metrics with Bounded Cartan Torsion
Mo, Xiaohuan; Zhou, Linfeng
133   A Further Decay Estimate for the Dziubański-Hernández Wavelets
Moritoh, Shinya; Tomoeda, Kyoko
140   Pisot Numbers from $\{ 0, 1 \}$-Polynomials
Mukunda, Keshav
153   Several Hardy Type Inequalities with Weights Related to Generalized Greiner Operator
Niu, Pengcheng; Ou, Yafei; Han, Junqiang
163   Variants of Arnold's Stability Results for 2D Euler Equations
Taylor, Michael
  Multiplicity-Free Schubert Calculus
Thomas, Hugh; Yong, Alexander
187   On the Local Unipotent Fundamental Group Scheme
Ünver, Sinan

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