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Volume 52 Number 3 (Sep 2009)

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321   Photo
323   Dedication: Ted Bisztriczky
Böröczky, K.; Böröczky, K. J.; Fodor, F.; Harborth, H.; Kuperberg, W.
327   Geometric ``Floral'' Configurations
Berman, Leah Wrenn; Bokowski, Jürgen; Grünbaum, Branko; Pisanski, Toma\v{z}
342   On the X-ray Number of Almost Smooth Convex Bodies and of Convex Bodies of Constant Width
Bezdek, K.; Kiss, Gy.
349   On Projection Bodies of Order One
Campi, Stefano; Gronchi, Paolo
361   A Note on Covering by Convex Bodies
Tóth, Gábor Fejes
366   A Class of Cellulated Spheres with Non-Polytopal Symmetries
Gévay, Gábor
380   Successive Minima and Radii
Henk, Martin; Cifre, Mar\'\i a A. Hernández
388   Transversals with Residue in Moderately Overlapping $T(k)$-Families of Translates
Heppes, Aladár
403   Shaken Rogers's Theorem for Homothetic Sections
Jerónimo-Castro, J.; Montejano, L.; Morales-Amaya, E.
407   On the Bezdek--Pach Conjecture for Centrally Symmetric Convex Bodies
Lángi, Zsolt; Naszódi, Márton
416   Hamiltonian Properties of Generalized Halin Graphs
Malik, Shabnam; Qureshi, Ahmad Mahmood; Zamfirescu, Tudor
424   Covering Discs in Minkowski Planes
Martini, Horst; Spirova, Margarita
435   Modular Reduction in Abstract Polytopes
Monson, B.; Schulte, Egon
451   Indecomposable Coverings
Pach, János; Tardos, Gábor; Tóth, Géza
464   Two Volume Product Inequalities and Their Applications
Stancu, Alina

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