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Volume 51 Number 2 (Jun 2008)

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161   Wirtinger's Inequalities on Time Scales
Agarwal, Ravi P.; Otero-Espinar, Victoria; Perera, Kanishka; Vivero, Dolores R.
172   Consecutive Large Gaps in Sequences Defined by Multiplicative Constraints
Alkan, Emre; Zaharescu, Alexandru
182   Group Gradings on Associative Algebras with Involution
Bahturin, Y. A.; Giambruno, A.
195   Boundedness from Below of Composition Operators on $\alpha$-Bloch Spaces
Chen, Huaihui; Gauthier, Paul
205   On Gâteaux Differentiability of Pointwise Lipschitz Mappings
Duda, Jakub
217   A Multivalued Nonlinear System with the Vector $p$-Laplacian on the Semi-Infinity Interval
Filippakis, Michael E.; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
229   Existence of Solutions to Poisson's Equation
Hanley, Mary
236   Kolmogorov, Linear and Pseudo-Dimensional Widths of Classes of $s$-Monotone Functions in $\mathbb{L}_p$, $0
Konovalov, Victor N.; Kopotun, Kirill A.
249   On the Inner Radius of a Nodal Domain
Mangoubi, Dan
261   On the Classification of Rational Quantum Tori and the Structure of Their Automorphism Groups
Neeb, Karl-Hermann
283   The Noether--Lefschetz Theorem Via Vanishing of Coherent Cohomology
Ravindra, G. V.
291   Group Algebras with Minimal Strong Lie Derived Length
Spinelli, Ernesto
298   The Kostrikin Radical and the Invariance of the Core of Reduced Extended Affine Lie Algebras
Tocón, Maribel
310   Relative Homotopy in Relational Structures
Witbooi, P. J.

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