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Volume 51 (2008)
  The Convolution Sum $\sum_{m
Alaca, Ay\c{s}e; Alaca, \c{S}aban; Williams, Kenneth S.
15   The Duality Problem for the Class of AM-Compact Operators on Banach Lattices
Aqzzouz, Belmesnaoui; Nouira, Redouane; Zraoula, Larbi
21   A Remark on Extensions of CR Functions from Hyperplanes
Baracco, Luca
26   Hin\v cin's Theorem for Multiplicative Free Convolution
Belinschi, S. T.; Bercovici, H.
32   On Linear Independence of a Certain Multivariate Infinite Product
Choi, Stephen; Zhou, Ping
47   The Minimal Number of Three-Term Arithmetic Progressions Modulo a Prime Converges to a Limit
Croot, Ernie
57   A Note on Integer Symmetric Matrices and Mahler's Measure
Dobrowolski, Edward
60   F{\o}lner Nets for Semidirect Products of Amenable Groups
Janzen, David
67   Rearrangement-Invariant Functionals with Applications to Traces on Symmetrically Normed Ideals
Kalton, Nigel; Sukochev, Fyodor
81   Homotopy Formulas for Cyclic Groups Acting on Rings
Kassel, Christian
86   The Numerical Range of 2-Dimensional Krein Space Operators
Nakazato, Hiroshi; Bebiano, Natália; Providência, Jo\ ao da
100   Dynamical Zeta Function for Several Strictly Convex Obstacles
Petkov, Vesselin
114   Zero Cycles on a Twisted Cayley Plane
Petrov, V.; Semenov, N.; Zainoulline, K.
125   Explicit Real Cubic Surfaces
Polo-Blanco, Irene; Top, Jaap
134   Numerical Semigroups Having a Toms Decomposition
Rosales, J. C.; Garc\'{\i}a-Sánchez, P. A.
140   First Variations of the Best Sobolev Trace Constant with Respect to the Domain
Rossi, Julio D.
146   Stepping-Stone Model with Circular Brownian Migration
Zhou, Xiaowen
161   Wirtinger's Inequalities on Time Scales
Agarwal, Ravi P.; Otero-Espinar, Victoria; Perera, Kanishka; Vivero, Dolores R.
172   Consecutive Large Gaps in Sequences Defined by Multiplicative Constraints
Alkan, Emre; Zaharescu, Alexandru
182   Group Gradings on Associative Algebras with Involution
Bahturin, Y. A.; Giambruno, A.
195   Boundedness from Below of Composition Operators on $\alpha$-Bloch Spaces
Chen, Huaihui; Gauthier, Paul
205   On Gâteaux Differentiability of Pointwise Lipschitz Mappings
Duda, Jakub
217   A Multivalued Nonlinear System with the Vector $p$-Laplacian on the Semi-Infinity Interval
Filippakis, Michael E.; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
229   Existence of Solutions to Poisson's Equation
Hanley, Mary
236   Kolmogorov, Linear and Pseudo-Dimensional Widths of Classes of $s$-Monotone Functions in $\mathbb{L}_p$, $0
Konovalov, Victor N.; Kopotun, Kirill A.
249   On the Inner Radius of a Nodal Domain
Mangoubi, Dan
261   On the Classification of Rational Quantum Tori and the Structure of Their Automorphism Groups
Neeb, Karl-Hermann
283   The Noether--Lefschetz Theorem Via Vanishing of Coherent Cohomology
Ravindra, G. V.
291   Group Algebras with Minimal Strong Lie Derived Length
Spinelli, Ernesto
298   The Kostrikin Radical and the Invariance of the Core of Reduced Extended Affine Lie Algebras
Tocón, Maribel
310   Relative Homotopy in Relational Structures
Witbooi, P. J.
321   Quantum Multiple Construction of Subfactors
Asaeda, Marta
334   Value Distribution of the Riemann Zeta Function
Ascah-Coallier, I.; Gauthier, P. M.
337   Differences between Perfect Powers
Bennett, Michael A.
348   The Reconstruction Property in Banach Spaces and a Perturbation Theorem
Casazza, Peter G.; Christensen, Ole
359   Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Space Forms with Reeb Flow Symmetric Structure Jacobi Operator
Cho, Jong Taek; Ki, U-Hang
372   Picard's Iterations for Integral Equations of Mixed Hammerstein Type
Ezquerro, J. A.; Hernández, M. A.
378   Cyclic Vectors in Some Weighted $L^p$ Spaces of Entire Functions
Izuchi, Kou Hei
386   Positive Solutions of the Falkner--Skan Equation Arising in the Boundary Layer Theory
Lan, K. Q.; Yang, G. C.
399   Linear Equations with Small Prime and Almost Prime Solutions
Meng, Xianmeng
406   Condensed and Strongly Condensed Domains
Mimouni, Abdeslam
413   Big Ramsey Degrees and Divisibility in Classes of Ultrametric Spaces
Thé, L. Nguyen Van
424   Noncommutative Symmetric Bessel Functions
Novelli, Jean-Christophe; Thibon, Jean-Yves
439   On the Maximal Spectrum of Semiprimitive Multiplication Modules
Samei, Karim
448   Stability of Biharmonic Legendrian Submanifolds in Sasakian Space Forms
Sasahara, Toru
460   On Primitive Ideals in Graded Rings
Smoktunowicz, Agata
467   Coupled Vortex Equations on Complete Kähler Manifolds
Wang, Yue
481   Universal Inner Functions on the Ball
Bayart, Frédéric
487   Laplace Transform Type Multipliers for Hankel Transforms
Betancor, Jorge J.; Mart\'{\i}nez, Teresa; Rodr\'{\i}guez-Mesa, Lourdes
497   Expected Norms of Zero-One Polynomials
Borwein, Peter; Choi, Kwok-Kwong Stephen; Mercer, Idris
508   A Result in Surgery Theory
Cavicchioli, Alberto; Spaggiari, Fulvia
519   The Effective Cone of the Kontsevich Moduli Space
Coskun, Izzet; Harris, Joe; Starr, Jason
535   On the Simple $\Z_2$-homotopy Types of Graph Complexes and Their Simple $\Z_2$-universality
Csorba, Péter
545   $C^{\ast}$-Algebras Associated with Mauldin--Williams Graphs
Ionescu, Marius; Watatani, Yasuo
561   Expansion of the Riemann $\Xi$ Function in Meixner--Pollaczek Polynomials
Kuznetsov, Alexey
570   Amsterdam Properties of $C_p(X)$ Imply Discreteness of $X$
Lutzer, D. J.; Mill, J. van; Tkachuk, V. V.
579   Guessing with Mutually Stationary Sets
Matet, Pierre
584   On Tensor Products of Polynomial Representations
Purbhoo, Kevin; Willigenburg, Stephanie van
593   Chasing Silver
Ros{\l}anowski, Andrzej; Stepr\={a}ns, Juris
604   The Invariant Subspace Problem for Non-Archimedean Banach Spaces
{\'S}liwa, Wies{\l}aw
618   Vanishing Theorems in Colombeau Algebras of Generalized Functions
Valmorin, V.
627   Summation of Series over Bourget Functions
Vidanovi\'{c}, Mirjana V.; Tri\v{c}kovi\'{c}, Slobodan B.; Stankovi\'{c}, Miomir S.
637   Author Index - Index des auteurs

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