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Volume 50 Number 1 (Mar 2007)

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  Higher Dimensional Spaces of Functions on the Spectrum of a Uniform Algebra
Basener, Richard F.
11   van der Pol Expansions of L-Series
Borwein, David; Borwein, Jonathan
24   Invariant Metrics with Nonnegative Curvature on Compact Lie Groups
Brown, Nathan; Finck, Rachel; Spencer, Matthew; Tapp, Kristopher; Wu, Zhongtao
35   A Singular Critical Potential for the Schrödinger Operator
Duyckaerts, Thomas
48   Tensor Square of the Minimal Representation of $O(p,q)$
Dvorsky, Alexander
56   Simplicial Cohomology of Some Semigroup Algebras
Gourdeau, F.; Pourabbas, A.; White, M. C.
71   Polynomials for Kloosterman Sums
Gurak, S.
85   Classification of Finite Group-Frames and Super-Frames
Han, Deguang
97   Characterizations of Real Hypersurfaces in a Complex Space Form
Kim, In-Bae; Kim, Ki Hyun; Sohn, Woon Ha
105   On Valuations, Places and Graded Rings Associated to $*$-Orderings
Klep, Igor
113   Hermitian Harmonic Maps into Convex Balls
Li, ZhenYang; Zhang, Xi
123   Simultaneous Approximation and Interpolation on Arakelian Sets
Nikolov, Nikolai; Pflug, Peter
126   $\varphi$-Dialgebras and a Class of Matrix ``Coquecigrues''
Ongay, Fausto
138   On the Structure of the Set of Symmetric Sequences in Orlicz Sequence Spaces
Sari, Bünyamin
149   On Quotients of Non-Archimedean Köthe Spaces
Śliwa, Wiesław
158   A Note on Giuga's Conjecture
Tipu, Vicentiu

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