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Volume 50 (2007)
  Higher Dimensional Spaces of Functions on the Spectrum of a Uniform Algebra
Basener, Richard F.
11   van der Pol Expansions of L-Series
Borwein, David; Borwein, Jonathan
24   Invariant Metrics with Nonnegative Curvature on Compact Lie Groups
Brown, Nathan; Finck, Rachel; Spencer, Matthew; Tapp, Kristopher; Wu, Zhongtao
35   A Singular Critical Potential for the Schrödinger Operator
Duyckaerts, Thomas
48   Tensor Square of the Minimal Representation of $O(p,q)$
Dvorsky, Alexander
56   Simplicial Cohomology of Some Semigroup Algebras
Gourdeau, F.; Pourabbas, A.; White, M. C.
71   Polynomials for Kloosterman Sums
Gurak, S.
85   Classification of Finite Group-Frames and Super-Frames
Han, Deguang
97   Characterizations of Real Hypersurfaces in a Complex Space Form
Kim, In-Bae; Kim, Ki Hyun; Sohn, Woon Ha
105   On Valuations, Places and Graded Rings Associated to $*$-Orderings
Klep, Igor
113   Hermitian Harmonic Maps into Convex Balls
Li, ZhenYang; Zhang, Xi
123   Simultaneous Approximation and Interpolation on Arakelian Sets
Nikolov, Nikolai; Pflug, Peter
126   $\varphi$-Dialgebras and a Class of Matrix ``Coquecigrues''
Ongay, Fausto
138   On the Structure of the Set of Symmetric Sequences in Orlicz Sequence Spaces
Sari, Bünyamin
149   On Quotients of Non-Archimedean Köthe Spaces
Śliwa, Wiesław
158   A Note on Giuga's Conjecture
Tipu, Vicentiu
161   Functoriality of the Coniveau Filtration
Arapura, Donu; Kang, Su-Jeong
172   An Infinite Dimensional Vector Space of Universal Functions for $H^\infty$ of the Ball
Aron, Richard; Gorkin, Pamela
182   On the Coxeter Transformations for Tamari Posets
Chapoton, Frédéric
191   Every Real Algebraic Integer Is a Difference of Two Mahler Measures
Drungilas, Paulius; Dubickas, Artūras
196   Plane Quartic Twists of $X(5,3)$
Fernández, Julio; González, Josep; Lario, Joan-C.
206   Spherical Space Forms: Homotopy Types and Self-Equivalences for the Group $({\mathbb Z}/a\rtimes{\mathbb Z}/b) \times SL_2\,(\mathbb{F}_p)$
Golasiński, Marek; Gonçalves, Daciberg Lima
215   Elliptic $K3$ Surfaces with Geometric Mordell--Weil Rank $15$
Kloosterman, Remke
227   AF-Skeletons and Real Rank Zero Algebras with the Corona Factorization Property
Kucerovsky, D.; Ng, P. W.
234   A Remark on a Modular Analogue of the Sato--Tate Conjecture
Kuo, Wentang
243   Un nouveau point de repère dans la théorie des formes automorphes
Langlands, Robert P.
268   On the Lack of Inverses to $C^*$-Extensions Related to Property T Groups
Manuilov, V.; Thomsen, K.
284   Second Order Mock Theta Functions
McIntosh, Richard J.
291   Beurling's Theorem and Characterization of Heat Kernel for Riemannian Symmetric Spaces of Noncompact Type
Sarkar, Rudra P.; Sengupta, Jyoti
313   On Cauchy--Liouville--Mirimanoff Polynomials
Tzermias, Pavlos
321   On Lagrangian Catenoids
Blair, David E.
334   Determination of Hauptmoduls and Construction of Abelian Extensions of Quadratic Number Fields
Chiang-Hsieh, Hung-Jen; Yang, Yifan
347   Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Projective Space Whose Structure Jacobi Operator Is of Codazzi Type
Pérez, Juan de Dios; Santos, Florentino G.; Suh, Young Jin
356   Existence of Positive Solutions for Nonlinear Noncoercive Hemivariational Inequalities
Filippakis, Michael E.; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
365   Equivariant Cohomology of $S^{1}$-Actions on $4$-Manifolds
Godinho, Leonor
377   Global Injectivity of $C^1$ Maps of the Real Plane, Inseparable Leaves and the Palais--Smale Condition
Gutierrez, C.; Jarque, X.; Llibre, J.; Teixeira, M. A.
390   Linking Number of Singular Links and the Seifert Matrix
Hebda, James J.; Hsieh, Chun-Chung; Tsau, Chichen M.
399   Expansions in Complex Bases
Komornik, Vilmos; Loreti, Paola
409   Discriminants of Complex Multiplication Fields of Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields
Luca, Florian; Shparlinski, Igor E.
418   A Short Proof of Affability for Certain Cantor Minimal $\Z^2$-Systems
Matui, Hiroki
427   On the Image of Certain Extension Maps.~I
Mejía, Israel Moreno
434   MKZ Type Operators Providing a Better Estimation on $[1/2,1)$
Õzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay
440   A Künneth Theorem for $p$-Adic Groups
Raghuram, A.
447   Generalizations of Frobenius' Theorem on Manifolds and Subcartesian Spaces
Śniatycki, Jędrzej
460   Weak Semiprojectivity for Purely Infinite $C^*$-Algebras
Spielberg, Jack
469   Simple Decompositions of the Exceptional Jordan Algebra
Tvalavadze, M. V.
474   On Willmore's Inequality for Submanifolds
Zhou, Jiazu
481   Concordance des nœuds de dimension $4$
Blanlœil, Vincent; Saeki, Osamu
486   Higher-Dimensional Modular\\Calabi--Yau Manifolds
Cynk, S.; Hulek, K.
504   Asymptotic Existence of Resolvable Graph Designs
Dukes, Peter; Ling, Alan C. H.
519   On Axiomatizability of Non-Commutative $L_p$-Spaces
Henson, C. Ward; Raynaud, Yves; Rizzo, Andrew
535   Generalized Descent Algebras
Hohlweg, Christophe
547   Inverse Laplace Transforms Encountered in Hyperbolic Problems of Non-Stationary Fluid-Structure Interaction
Iakovlev, Serguei
567   Exotic Torsion, Frobenius Splitting and the Slope Spectral Sequence
Joshi, Kirti
579   $p$-Radial Exceptional Sets and Conformal Mappings
Kot, Piotr
588   Cohomological Dimension and Schreier's Formula in Galois Cohomology
Labute, John; Lemire, Nicole; Mináč, Ján; Swallow, John
594   Ramification des groupes abéliens d'automorphismes des corps $\mathbb F_q(\!(X)\!)$
Laubie, François
598   Artinian Local Cohomology Modules
Lorestani, Keivan Borna; Sahandi, Parviz; Yassemi, Siamak
603   Construction of Generalized Harish-Chandra Modules with Arbitrary Minimal $\mathfrak k$-Type
Penkov, Ivan; Zuckerman, Gregg
610   On Weak$^*$ Kadec--Klee Norms
Rychtář, Jan; Spurný, Jiří
619   On the Existence of Asymptotic-$l_p$ Structures in Banach Spaces
Tcaciuc, Adi
632   Transformations and Colorings of Groups
Zelenyuk, Yevhen; Zelenyuk, Yuliya
637   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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