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Volume 49 Number 3 (Sep 2006)

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321   Polygons with Prescribed Gauss Map in Hadamard Spaces and Euclidean Buildings
Balser, Andreas
337   Homotopy Equivalence and Groups of Measure-Preserving Homeomorphisms
Berlanga, R.
347   Affine Completeness of Generalised Dihedral Groups
Ecker, Jürgen
358   On the Principal Eigencurve of the $p$-Laplacian: Stability Phenomena
Khalil, Abdelouahed El; Manouni, Said El; Ouanan, Mohammed
371   Inner $E_0$-Semigroups on Infinite Factors
Floricel, Remus
381   On the Membership in Bergman Spaces of the Derivative of a Blaschke Product With Zeros in a Stolz Domain
Girela, Daniel; Peláez, José Ángel
389   A Free Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality on the Circle
Hiai, Fumio; Petz, Dénes; Ueda, Yoshimichi
407   Intermediate Model Structures for Simplicial Presheaves
Jardine, J. F.
414   Commutators Estimates on Triebel--Lizorkin Spaces
Jiang, Liya; Jia, Houyu; Xu, Han
428   Vector-Valued Modular Forms of Weight Two Associated With Jacobi-Like Forms
Lee, Min Ho
438   Unimodular Roots of\\ Special Littlewood Polynomials
Mercer, Idris David
448   A Lower Bound on the Number of Cyclic Function Fields With Class Number Divisible by $n$
Pacelli, Allison M.
464   A Note on Detecting Algebraic Cycles
Ravindra, G. V.
472   Cyclic Cubic Fields of Given Conductor and Given Index
Silvester, Alan K.; Spearman, Blair K.; Williams, Kenneth S.

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