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Volume 49 Number 2 (Jun 2006)

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161   Weighted Brianchon-Gram Decomposition
Agapito, José
170   The Geometry of $ d^{2}y^{1}/dt^{2} = f(y, \dot{y},t) \; \text{and} \; d^{2}y^{2}/dt^{2} = g(y,\dot{y},t)$, and Euclidean Spaces
Atkins, Richard
185   On the Inequality for Volume and Minkowskian Thickness
Averkov, Gennadiy
196   Another Proof of Totaro's Theorem on $E_8$-Torsors
Chernousov, Vladimir
203   The Ergodic Hilbert Transform for Admissible Processes
Çömez, Doğan
213   On Inductive Limit Type Actions of the Euclidean Motion Group on Stable UHF Algebras
Dean, Andrew J.
226   The Spectrum and Isometric Embeddings of Surfaces of Revolution
Engman, Martin
237   Approximation by Rational Mappings, via Homotopy Theory
Gauthier, P. M.; Zeron, E. S.
247   A Szpilrajn--Marczewski Type Theorem for Concentration Dimension on Polish Spaces
Myjak, Józef; Szarek, Tomasz; Ślȩczka, Maciej
256   A Bernstein--Walsh Type Inequality and Applications
Neelon, Tejinder
265   Endomorphisms That Are the Sum of a Unit and a Root of a Fixed Polynomial
Nicholson, W. K.; Zhou, Y.
270   A Characterization of Products of Projective Spaces
Occhetta, Gianluca
281   Correction to a Theorem on Total Positivity
Ragnarsson, Carl Johan; Suen, Wesley Wai; Wagner, David G.
285   Orbits and Stabilizers for Solvable Linear Groups
Riedl, Jeffrey M.
296   On the Modularity of Three Calabi--Yau Threefolds With Bad Reduction at 11
Sch"utt, Matthias
313   On the Relation Between the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble and Reflections, or a Self-Adjoint Version of the Marcus--Pisier Inequality
Wagner, Roy

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