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Volume 49 (2006)
  On a Class of Singular Integral Operators With Rough Kernels
Al-Salman, Ahmad
11   Going-Down Results for $C_{i}$-Fields
Bevelacqua, Anthony J.; Motley, Mark J.
21   Evaluation of the Dedekind Eta Function
Chapman, Robin; Hart, William
36   Holomorphic Frames for Weakly Converging Holomorphic Vector Bundles
Daskalopoulos, Georgios D.; Wentworth, Richard A.
41   The Ganea and Whitehead Variants of the\\Lusternik--Schnirelmann Category
Doeraene, Jean-Paul; El Haouari, Mohammed
55   Non Abelian Twisted Reidemeister Torsion for Fibered Knots
Dubois, Jérôme
72   Additive Riemann--Hilbert Problem in Line Bundles Over $\mathbb{CP}^1$
Dwilewicz, Roman J.
82   Embeddings and Duality Theorem for Weak Classical Lorentz Spaces
Gogatishvili, Amiran; Pick, Luboš
96   Roots of Simple Modules
Külshammer, Burkhard
108   A Dynamical Proof of Pisot's Theorem
Kwapisz, Jaroslaw
113   $\PSL(2,2^n)$-Extensions Over $\mathbb F_{2^n}$
Ledet, Arne
117   A Double Triangle Operator Algebra From $SL_2(\R)$
Levene, R. H.
127   Character Degree Graphs of Solvable Groups of Fitting Height $2$
Lewis, Mark L.
134   Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Two-Plane Grassmannians with Vanishing Lie Derivative
Suh, Young Jin
144   Scattering Length and the Spectrum of $-\Delta+V$
Taylor, Michael
152   Comparison Geometry With\\$L^1$-Norms of Ricci Curvature
Yun, Jong-Gug
161   Weighted Brianchon-Gram Decomposition
Agapito, José
170   The Geometry of $ d^{2}y^{1}/dt^{2} = f(y, \dot{y},t) \; \text{and} \; d^{2}y^{2}/dt^{2} = g(y,\dot{y},t)$, and Euclidean Spaces
Atkins, Richard
185   On the Inequality for Volume and Minkowskian Thickness
Averkov, Gennadiy
196   Another Proof of Totaro's Theorem on $E_8$-Torsors
Chernousov, Vladimir
203   The Ergodic Hilbert Transform for Admissible Processes
Çömez, Doğan
213   On Inductive Limit Type Actions of the Euclidean Motion Group on Stable UHF Algebras
Dean, Andrew J.
226   The Spectrum and Isometric Embeddings of Surfaces of Revolution
Engman, Martin
237   Approximation by Rational Mappings, via Homotopy Theory
Gauthier, P. M.; Zeron, E. S.
247   A Szpilrajn--Marczewski Type Theorem for Concentration Dimension on Polish Spaces
Myjak, Józef; Szarek, Tomasz; Ślȩczka, Maciej
256   A Bernstein--Walsh Type Inequality and Applications
Neelon, Tejinder
265   Endomorphisms That Are the Sum of a Unit and a Root of a Fixed Polynomial
Nicholson, W. K.; Zhou, Y.
270   A Characterization of Products of Projective Spaces
Occhetta, Gianluca
281   Correction to a Theorem on Total Positivity
Ragnarsson, Carl Johan; Suen, Wesley Wai; Wagner, David G.
285   Orbits and Stabilizers for Solvable Linear Groups
Riedl, Jeffrey M.
296   On the Modularity of Three Calabi--Yau Threefolds With Bad Reduction at 11
Sch"utt, Matthias
313   On the Relation Between the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble and Reflections, or a Self-Adjoint Version of the Marcus--Pisier Inequality
Wagner, Roy
321   Polygons with Prescribed Gauss Map in Hadamard Spaces and Euclidean Buildings
Balser, Andreas
337   Homotopy Equivalence and Groups of Measure-Preserving Homeomorphisms
Berlanga, R.
347   Affine Completeness of Generalised Dihedral Groups
Ecker, Jürgen
358   On the Principal Eigencurve of the $p$-Laplacian: Stability Phenomena
Khalil, Abdelouahed El; Manouni, Said El; Ouanan, Mohammed
371   Inner $E_0$-Semigroups on Infinite Factors
Floricel, Remus
381   On the Membership in Bergman Spaces of the Derivative of a Blaschke Product With Zeros in a Stolz Domain
Girela, Daniel; Peláez, José Ángel
389   A Free Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality on the Circle
Hiai, Fumio; Petz, Dénes; Ueda, Yoshimichi
407   Intermediate Model Structures for Simplicial Presheaves
Jardine, J. F.
414   Commutators Estimates on Triebel--Lizorkin Spaces
Jiang, Liya; Jia, Houyu; Xu, Han
428   Vector-Valued Modular Forms of Weight Two Associated With Jacobi-Like Forms
Lee, Min Ho
438   Unimodular Roots of\\ Special Littlewood Polynomials
Mercer, Idris David
448   A Lower Bound on the Number of Cyclic Function Fields With Class Number Divisible by $n$
Pacelli, Allison M.
464   A Note on Detecting Algebraic Cycles
Ravindra, G. V.
472   Cyclic Cubic Fields of Given Conductor and Given Index
Silvester, Alan K.; Spearman, Blair K.; Williams, Kenneth S.
481   On Sequences of Squares with Constant Second Differences
Browkin, J.; Brzeziński, J.
492   Conjugacy Classes of Subalgebras of the Real Sedenions
Chan, Kai-Cheong; Đoković, Dragomir Ž.
508   Growth Spaces and Growth Norm Estimates for $\Bar\partial$ on Convex Domains of Finite Type
Cho, Hong Rae
526   The Values of Modular Functions and Modular Forms
Choi, So Young
536   Measure Convex and Measure Extremal Sets
Dostál, Petr; Lukeš, Jaroslav; Spurný, Jiří
549   Hausdorff--Young Inequalities for Group Extensions
Führ, Hartmut
560   A K3 Surface Associated With Certain Integral Matrices Having Integral Eigenvalues
Luijk, Ronald van
578   On the Structure of the Full Lift for the Howe Correspondence of $(Sp(n), O(V))$ for Rank-One Reducibilities
Muić, Goran
592   Group Actions, Cyclic Coverings and Families of K3-Surfaces
Sarti, Alessandra
609   On the Polyak--Viro Vassiliev Invariant of Degree 4
Stoimenow, A.
624   On Non-Integral Dehn Surgeries Creating Non-Orientable Surfaces
Teragaito, Masakazu
628   Approximation and the Topology of Rationally Convex Sets
Zeron, E. S.
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