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Volume 45 (2002)
  Real-Analytic Negligibility of Points and Subspaces in Banach Spaces, with Applications
Azagra, D.; Dobrowolski, T.
11   Polycharacters of Cocommutative Hopf Algebras
Bahturin, Yuri; Kochetov, Mikhail; Montgomery, Susan
25   Extrapolation of $L^p$ Data from a Modular Inequality
Bloom, Steven; Kerman, Ron
36   Modular Equations and Discrete, Genus-Zero Subgroups of $\SL(2,\mathbb{R})$ Containing $\Gamma(N)$
Cummins, C. J.
46   Local $\VMO$ and Weak Convergence in $\hone$
Dafni, Galia
60   Uniform Embeddings into Hilbert Space and a Question of Gromov
Dranishnikov, A. N.; Gong, G.; Lafforgue, V.; Yu, G.
71   Images of Additive Polynomials in $\FF_q ((t))$ Have the Optimal Approximation Property
van den Dries, Lou; Kuhlmann, Franz-Viktor
80   Approximation On Arcs and Dendrites Going to Infinity in $\C^n$
Gauthier, P. M.; Zeron, E. S.
86   On Cyclic Fields of Odd Prime Degree $p$ with Infinite Hilbert $p$-Class Field Towers
Gerth, Frank III
89   On Gunning's Prime Form in Genus $2$
Grant, David
97   Invariant Measures and Natural Extensions
Haas, Andrew
109   The Distribution of Totatives
Hall, R. R.; Shiu, P.
115   The Number of Non-Zero Digits of $n!$
Luca, Florian
119   The Grade Conjecture and the $S_{2}$ Condition
Marcelo, Agustín; Marcelo, Félix; Rodríguez, César
123   Uniform Distribution in Model Sets
Moody, Robert V.
131   The Topological Interpretation of the Core Group of a Surface in $S^4$
Przytycki, Józef H.; Rosicki, Witold
138   The Discriminant of a Dihedral Quintic Field Defined by a Trinomial $X^5 + aX + b$
Spearman, Blair K.; Williams, Kenneth S.
154   On the Poisson Integral of Step Functions and Minimal Surfaces
Weitsman, Allen
161   Sur les singularités de la fonction croissance d'une variété non simplement connexe
Ardizzone, Lucia; Grimaldi, Renata; Pansu, Pierre
168   Biquadratic Extensions with One Break
Byott, Nigel P.; Elder, G. Griffith
180   On the Exponent of the ${\nk}_0$-Groups of Virtually Infinite Cyclic Groups
Connolly, Francis X.; Prassidis, Stratos
196   Mahler Measures Close to an Integer
Dubickas, Artūras
204   On the Chow Groups of Supersingular Varieties
Fakhruddin, Najmuddin
213   Griffiths Groups of Supersingular Abelian Varieties
Gordon, B. Brent; Joshi, Kirti
220   Globalization of Distinguished Supercuspidal Representations of $\GL(n)$
Hakim, Jeffrey; Murnaghan, Fiona
231   Erratum:~~The Lehmer Polynomial and Pretzel Links
Hironaka, Eriko
232   On Strongly Convex Indicatrices in Minkowski Geometry
Ji, Min; Shen, Zhongmin
247   On a Few Diophantine Equations Related to Fermat's Last Theorem
Kihel, O.; Levesque, C.
257   Modular Forms Associated to Theta Functions
Lee, Min Ho
265   On the Smirnov Class Defined by the Maximal Function
Nawrocki, Marek
272   The Transfer in the Invariant Theory of Modular Permutation Representations II
Neusel, Mara D.
284   Residue: A Geometric Construction
Sancho de Salas, Fernando
294   Modular Subgroups, Forms, Curves and Surfaces
Sebbar, Abdellah
309   Joint Mean Oscillation and Local Ideals in the Toeplitz Algebra II: Local Commutivity and Essential Commutant
Xia, Jingbo
321   $C^{\ast}$-Algebras of Infinite Graphs and Cuntz-Krieger Algebras
Brenken, Berndt
337   Surjectivity of $\mod\ell$ Representations Attached to Elliptic Curves and Congruence Primes
Chen, Imin
349   Very Ample Linear Systems on Blowings-Up at General Points of Projective Spaces
Coppens, Marc
355   Obstruction à la linéarisation des champs de vecteurs polynomiaux
Cresson, Jacky
364   Mellin Transforms of Whittaker Functions
Deitmar, Anton
378   The Local Möbius Equation and Decomposition Theorems in Riemannian Geometry
Fernández-López, Manuel; García-Río, Eduardo; Kupeli, Demir N.
388   Algèbres simples centrales de degré 5 et $E_8$
Gille, Philippe
399   On the Singular Behavior of the Inverse Laplace Transforms of the Functions $\frac{I_n(s)}{s I_n^\prime(s)}$
Iakovlev, Serguei
417   On Deformations of the Complex Structure on the Moduli Space of Spatial Polygons
Kamiyama, Yasuhiko; Tsukuda, Shuichi
422   On the Essential Dimension of Some Semi-Direct Products
Ledet, Arne
428   Criteria for Simultaneous Solutions of $X^2 - DY^2 = c$ and $x^2 - Dy^2 = -c$
Mollin, R. A.
436   The Spherical Functions Related to the Root System $B_2$
Sawyer, P.
448   Erratum: A Characterization of Left Perfect Rings
Zhou, Yiqiang
451   Coordinatization Theorems For Graded Algebras
Allison, Bruce; Smirnov, Oleg
466   A Note on the Automorphic Langlands Group
Arthur, James
483   Diffraction of Weighted Lattice Subsets
Baake, Michael
499   Group Gradings on Matrix Algebras
Bahturin, Yu. A.; Zaicev, M. V.
509   Lie Superalgebras Graded by the Root Systems $C(n)$, $D(m,n)$, $D(2,1;\alpha)$, $F(4)$, $G(3)$
Benkart, Georgia; Elduque, Alberto
525   Some Factorizations in Universal Enveloping Algebras of Three Dimensional Lie Algebras and Generalizations
Berman, Stephen; Morita, Jun; Yoshii, Yoji
537   Polytopal Realizations of Generalized Associahedra
Chapoton, Frédéric; Fomin, Sergey; Zelevinsky, Andrei
567   Subalgebras of $\gc_N$ and Jacobi Polynomials
De Sole, Alberto; Kac, Victor G.
606   Postcards from the Edge, or Snapshots of the Theory of Generalised Moonshine
Gannon, Terry
623   Fermionic and Bosonic Representations of the Extended Affine Lie Algebra $\widetilde{\mathfrak{gl}_N} (\mathbb{C}_q)$
Gao, Yun
634   Local Complexity of Delone Sets and Crystallinity
Lagarias, Jeffrey C.; Pleasants, Peter A. B.
653   Specializations of Jordan Superalgebras
Martínez, Consuelo; Zelmanov, Efim
672   A New Class of Representations of EALA Coordinated by Quantum Tori in Two Variables
Rao, S. Eswara; Batra, Punita
686   An Aspect of Icosahedral Symmetry
Rauschning, Jan; Slodowy, Peter
697   Pure Discrete Spectrum for One-dimensional Substitution Systems of Pisot Type
Sirvent, V. F.; Solomyak, B.
711   Classification of Quantum Tori with Involution
Yoshii, Yoji
732   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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