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Volume 44 (2001)
  The Generating Degree of $\C_p$
Alexandru, Victor; Popescu, Nicolae; Zaharescu, Alexandru
12   A Technique of Studying Sums of Central Cantor Sets
Anisca, Razvan; Ilie, Monica
19   Multiplicities of Binary Recurrences
Brindza, B.; Pintér, Á.; Schmidt, W. M.
22   Gauss Sums of Orders Six and Twelve
Evans, Ronald
27   Normal Subloops in the Integral Loop Ring of an $\RA$ Loop
Goodaire, Edgar G.; Milies, César Polcino
36   Quantization of Bending Deformations of Polygons In $\mathbb{E}^3$, Hypergeometric Integrals and the Gassner Representation
Kapovich, Michael; Millson, John J.
61   The Inequalities for Polynomials and Integration over Fractal Arcs
Kats, B. A.
70   The Tangent Bundle of an Almost Complex Manifold
Lempert, László; Szőke, Róbert
80   Constructing Compacta of Different Extensional Dimensions
Levin, Michael
87   On a New Exponential Sum
Lieman, Daniel; Shparlinski, Igor
93   Some Semigroup Laws in Groups
Neumann, B. H.
97   On the Density of Cyclic Quartic Fields
Ou, Zhiming M.; Williams, Kenneth S.
105   Convolution Equation in $\mathcal{S}^{\prime\ast}$---Propagation of Singularities
Pilipović, Stevan
115   Approximation algébrique simultanée de nombres de Liouville
Roy, Damien
121   A Necessary Condition for Multipliers of Weak Type $(1,1)$
Wojciechowski, Michał
126   Each Copy of the Real Line in $\C^2$ is Removable
Zeron, E. Santillan
129   Linéarisation symplectique en dimension 2
Currás-Bosch, Carlos
140   On Quantizing Nilpotent and Solvable Basic Algebras
Gotay, Mark J.; Grabowski, Janusz
150   Exceptional Sets of Slices for Functions From the Bergman Space in the Ball
Jakóbczak, Piotr
160   The Trace Formula and Its Applications: An Introduction to the Work of James Arthur
Langlands, Robert P.
210   Growth Estimates on Positive Solutions of the Equation $\Delta u+K u^{\frac{n+2}{n-2}}=0$ in $\R^n$
Leung, Man Chun
223   Extending the Archimedean Positivstellensatz to the Non-Compact Case
Marshall, M.
231   Weak Convergence Is Not Strong Convergence For Amenable Groups
Rosenblatt, Joseph M.; Willis, George A.
242   The Zeta Function of a Pair of Quadratic Forms
Schueller, Laura Mann
257   Algebraic Homology For Real Hyperelliptic and Real Projective Ruled Surfaces
Abánades, Miguel A.
266   Extension of Maps to Nilpotent Spaces
Cencelj, M.; Dranishnikov, A. N.
270   Linear Operators Preserving Generalized Numerical Ranges and Radii on Certain Triangular Algebras of Matrices
Cheung, Wai-Shun; Li, Chi-Kwong
282   Hecke Operators on Jacobi-like Forms
Lee, Min Ho; Myung, Hyo Chul
292   An Analogue of Napoleon's Theorem in the Hyperbolic Plane
McKay, Angela
298   A Proof of Casselman-Shahidi's Conjecture for Quasi-split Classical Groups
Muić, Goran
313   Images of mod $p$ Galois Representations Associated to Elliptic Curves
Reverter, Amadeu; Vila, Núria
323   Une classe d'hamiltoniens polynomiaux isochrones
Schuman, Bertrand
335   Inductive Limit Toral Automorphisms of Irrational Rotation Algebras
Stacey, P. J.
337   Spectral Transformations of the Laurent Biorthogonal Polynomials, II. Pastro Polynomials
Vinet, Luc; Zhedanov, Alexei
346   Positive Solution of a Subelliptic Nonlinear Equation on the Heisenberg Group
Wang, Wei
355   Hilbert Bimodules with Involution
Weaver, Nik
370   On Locating Isometric $\ell_{1}^{(n)}$
Weston, Anthony
376   A Note on $p$-Harmonic $1$-Forms on Complete Manifolds
Zhang, Xi
385   A Hypergraph with Commuting Partial Laplacians
Ballantine, Cristina M.
398   Exponents of Class Groups of Quadratic Function Fields over Finite Fields
Cardon, David A.; Ram Murty, M.
408   Finite Groups Generated by Involutions on Lagrangian Planes of $\mathbf{C}^2$
Falbel, E.
420   Approximation by Meromorphic Functions With Mittag-Leffler Type Constraints
Gauthier, P. M.; Pouryayevali, M. R.
429   Ergodic Rotations of Nilmanifolds Conjugate to Their Inverses
Henniger, J. P.
440   The Lehmer Polynomial and Pretzel Links
Hironaka, Eriko
452   Some Adjunction Properties of Ample Vector Bundles
Ishihara, Hironobu
459   LS-catégorie algébrique et attachement de cellules
Kahl, Thomas
469   Sums and Products of Weighted Shifts
Marcoux, Laurent W.
482   Matching of Weighted Orbital Integrals for Metaplectic Correspondences
Mezo, Paul
491   Resolution of Singularities of Null Cones
Wang, Weiqiang
504   Weak Amenability of a Class of Banach Algebras
Zhang, Yong
509   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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