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Volume 41 (1998)
  Root closure in Integral Domains, III
Anderson, David F.; Dobbs, David E.
10   Simple conditions for matrices to be bounded operators on $l_p$
Borwein, David
15   Sequences with translates containing many primes
Brown, Tom; Shiue, Peter Jau-Shyong; Yu, X. Y.
20   A new cohomological criterion for the $p$-nilpotence of groups
Brunetti, Maurizio
23   Subordinacy analysis and absolutely continuous spectra for Sturm-Liouville equations with two singular endpoints
Clemence, Dominic P.
28   Gorenstein graded algebras and the evaluation map
Félix, Yves; Murillo, Aniceto
33   Asymptotic existence of tight orthogonal main effect plans
Gallant, Robert; Colbourn, Charles J.
41   On the Clarke subdifferential of an integral functional on $L_p$, $1\leq p < \infty$
Giner, E.
49   Stability of weighted darma filters
Harrison, K. J.; Ward, J. A.; Eaton, L-J.
65   Criteria for commutativity in large groups
Mohammadi Hassanabadi, A.; Rhemtulla, Akbar
71   Splitting patterns and trace forms
Hurrelbrink, Jurgen; Rehmann, Ulf
79   An answer to a question of Kegel on sums of rings
Kelarev, A. V.
81   The cardinality of the center of a $\PI$ ring
Lanski, Charles
86   On \lowercase{$q$}-exponential functions for \lowercase{$|q| =1$}
Lubinsky, D. S.
98   Automorphisms of metabelian groups
Papistas, Athanassios I.
105   An explicit criterion for the convexity of quaternionic numerical range
So, Wasin
109   On generalized third dimension subgroups
Tahara, Ken-Ichi; Vermani, L. R.; Razdan, Atul
118   On permanental identities of symmetric and skew-symmetric matrices in characteristic \lowercase{$p$}
Valenti, Angela
125   Uniform approximation to Mahler's measure in several variables
Boyd, David W.
129   Pluriharmonic symbols of commuting Toeplitz type operators on the weighted Bergman spaces
Lee, Young Joo
137   Genericity of certain classes of unitary and self-adjoint operators
Choksi, J. R.; Nadkarni, M. G.
140   Skein homology
Bullock, Doug; Frohman, Charles; Kania-Bartoszyńska, Joanna
145   Smooth partitions of unity on Banach spaces
Fry, R.
151   Equivalent presentations of modules over Prüfer domains
Fuchs, Laszlo; Lee, Sang Bum
158   Power integral bases in composits of number fields
Gaál, István
166   Percolation on Penrose tilings
Hof, A.
178   Minimal pencil realizations of rational matrix functions with symmetries
Krupnik, Ilya; Lancaster, Peter
187   Exponential sums on reduced residue systems
Loh, W. K. A.
196   Brown-Halmos type theorems of weighted Toeplitz operators
Nakazi, Takahiko
207   An oscillation criterion for first order linear delay differential equations
Philos, Ch. G.; Sficas, Y. G.
214   On a problem of Rubel concerning the set of functions satisfying all the algebraic differential equations satisfied by a given function
Shackell, John
225   Mazur intersection properties for compact and weakly compact convex sets
Vanderwerff, Jon
231   The growth series of compact hyperbolic Coxeter groups with 4 and 5 generators
Worthington, R. L.
240   On certain $K$-groups associated with minimal flows
Xia, Jingbo
245   The normality in products with a countably compact factor
Yang, Lecheng
252   Dihedral groups of automorphisms of compact Riemann surfaces
Yang, Qingjie
257   Note on the support of Sobolev functions
Bagby, Thomas; Gauthier, P. M.
261   A simple ring over which proper cyclics are continuous is a $\PCI$-ring
Barthwal, S.; Jhingan, S.; Kanwar, P.
267   On the nonemptiness of the adjoint linear system of polarized manifold
Fukuma, Yoshiaki
279   New characterizations of the reflexivity in terms of the set of norm attaining functionals
Acosta, María D.; Galán, Manuel Ruiz
290   Congruence lattices of finite semimodular lattices
Grätzer, G.; Lakser, H.; Schmidt, E. T.
298   On the ideal-triangularizability of semigroups of quasinilpotent positive operators on $C({\cal K})$
Jahandideh, M. T.
306   Oscillatory integrals with nonhomogeneous phase functions related to Schrödinger equations
Kolasa, Lawrence A.
318   A characterization of varieties with a difference term, II: neutral $=$ meet semi-distributive
Lipparini, Paolo
328   Class number one and prime-producing quadratic polynomials revisited
Mollin, R. A.
335   Extremal values of $\Delta(x,N) = \sum\limits_{\stackrel{\scriptstyle n
Codecà, P.; Nair, M.
348   Characterizing continua by disconnection properties
Tymchatyn, E. D.; Yang, Chang-Cheng
359   Embedding the Hopf automorphism group into the Brauer group
Van Oystaeyen, Fred; Zhang, Yinhuo
368   Exponentiality of certain real solvable Lie groups
Moskowitz, Martin; Wüstner, Michael
374   Normal invariants of lens spaces
Young, Carmen M.
385   Inequalities for Baer invariants of finite groups
Burns, John; Ellis, Graham
392   A note on $H^1$ multipliers for locally compact Vilenkin groups
Daly, James E.; Phillips, Keith L.
398   Band-limited wavelets with subexponential decay
Dziubański, Jacek; Hernández, Eugenio
404   $L^p$-boundedness of a singular integral operator
Al-Hasan, Abdelnaser J.; Fan, Dashan
413   The fixed point property in $\lowercase{c_0}$
Llorens-Fuster, Enrique; Sims, Brailey
423   Free products with amalgamation and $\lowercase{p}$-adic Lie groups
Long, D. D.; Reid, A. W.
434   Linear maps on factors which preserve the extreme points of the unit ball
Mascioni, Vania; Molnár, Lajos
442   A Mountain Pass to the Jacobian Conjecture.
Chamberland, Marc; Meisters, Gary
452   Dependent automorphisms in prime rings
Brešar, Matej; Martindale, W. S. 3rd; Miers, C. Robert
463   The right regular representation of a compact right topological group
Moran, Alan
473   Separating singularities of holomorphic functions
Müller, Jürgen; Wengenroth, Jochen
478   Convolution with measures on curves in $\bbd R^3$
Oberlin, Daniel M.
481   The periodic radical of group rings and incidence algebras
Parmenter, M. M.; Spiegel, E.; Stewart, P. N.
488   Remarks on certain metaplectic groups
Sun, Heng
497   On the construction of Hölder and Proximal Subderivatives
Borwein, J. M.; Girgensohn, R.; Wang, Xianfu
508   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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