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Volume 40 (1997)
  La formule de Cauchy sur la longueur d'une courbe
Ayari, S.; Dubuc, S.
10   Convex functions on Banach spaces not containing $\ell_1$
Borwein, Jon; Vanderwerff, Jon
19   Lattice trees and super-Brownian motion
Derbez, Eric; Slade, Gordon
39   On projective $Z$-frames
Zhao, Dongsheng
47   A universal coefficient decomposition for subgroups induced by submodules of group algebras
Hartl, Manfred
54   A note on $U_n\times U_m$ modular invariants
Kechagias, Nondas E.
60   Cauchy's problem for harmonic functions with entire data on a sphere
Khavinson, Dmitry
67   On a Brownian motion problem of T. Salisbury
Knight, Frank B.
72   Generalized Siegel modular forms and cohomology of locally symmetric varieties
Lee, Min Ho
81   Une caractérisation des corps satisfaisant le théorème de l'axe principal
Movahhedi, A.; Salinier, A.
88   The multidirectional mean value theorem in Banach spaces
Radulescu, M. L.; Clarke, F. H.
103   The transfer of a commutator law from a nil-ring to its adjoint group
Riley, David M.; Tasić, Vladimir
108   Continuous Self-maps of the Circle
Schaer, J.
117   Un lemme de Schwarz pour les boules-unités ouvertes
Vigué, Jean-Pierre
129   Sur les caractères d'une algèbre de Banach
Badea, Catalin
133   Derivations from totally ordered semigroup algebras into their duals
Blackmore, T. D.
143   Quantum deformations of simple Lie algebras
Bremner, Murray
149   Monochromatic homothetic copies\\ of $\{1,1+s,1+s+t\}$
Brown, Tom C.; Landman, Bruce M.; Mishna, Marni
158   The trigonometry of hyperbolic tessellations
Coxeter, H. S. M.
169   The class $A^{+}_{\infty}(\lowercase{g})$ and the one-sided reverse Hölder inequality
Cruz-Uribe, David
174   Non-uniqueness for the $p$-harmonic flow
Hungerbühler, Norbert
183   The range of group algebra homomorphisms
Kepert, Andrew G.
193   Finite rank operators and functional calculus on Hilbert modules over abelian $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Kucerovsky, Dan
198   The ${\cal J}_0$-radical of a matrix nearring can be intermediate
Meldrum, J. D. P.; Meyer, J. H.
204   The $\eta$-invariants of cusped hyperbolic $3$-manifolds
Meyerhoff, Robert; Ouyang, Mingqing
214   Polynomials of quadratic type producing strings of primes
Mollin, R. A.; Goddard, B.; Coupland, S.
221   On semiregular rings whose finitely generated modules embed in free modules
Rada, Juan; Saorín, Manuel
231   Asymptotic theory and the foundations of statistics
Reid, N.
244   Nonexistence results of positive entire solutions for quasilinear elliptic inequalities
Naito, Yūki; Usami, Hiroyuki
254   Subdiagonal algebras for subfactors II (finite dimensional case)
Saito, Kichi-Suke; Watatani, Yasuo
257   A characterization of real hypersurfaces in complex space forms in terms of the Ricci tensor
Baikoussis, Christos
266   Finite groups with large automizers for their Abelian subgroups
Bechtell, H.; Deaconescu, M.; Silberberg, Gh.
271   Non-real periodic points of entire functions
Bergweiler, Walter
276   Fonctions elliptiques et équations différentielles ordinaires
Chouikha, Raouf
285   The space of harmonic maps from the $2$-sphere to the complex projective plane
Crawford, T. Arleigh
296   A general approach to Littlewood-Paley theorems for orthogonal families
Hare, Kathryn E.
309   On the homology of finite abelian coverings of links
Hillman, J. A.; Sakuma, M.
316   On geometric properties of Orlicz-Lorentz spaces
Hudzik, H.; Kamińska, A.; Mastyło, M.
330   Amalgamated products and the Howson property
Kapovich, Ilya
341   The stable and unstable types of classifying spaces
Lee, Hyang-Sook
352   A New Proof of a Theorem of Magnus
Liriano, Sal
356   Principe du maximum et lemme de Schwarz, a valeurs vectorielles
Mazet, Pierre
364   On the non-vanishing of a certain class of Dirichlet series
Narayanan, Sridhar
370   Which $3$-manifolds embed in $\Triod \times I \times I$?
Rolfsen, Dale; Zhongmou, Li
376   The dual pair $PGL_3 \times G_2$
Gross, Benedict H.; Savin, Gordan
385   Elliptic units and class fields of global function fields
Bae, Sunghan; Kang, Pyung-Lyun
395   $D$-spaces and resolution
Boudhraa, Zineddine
402   On the Preservation of Root Numbers and the Behavior of Weil Characters Under Reciprocity Equivalence
Carpenter, Jenna P.
416   On the singular behaviour of the Titchmarsh-Weyl $m$-function for the perturbed Hill's equation on the line
Clemence, Dominic P.
422   On compact separable radial spaces
Dow, Alan
433   A uniform $L^{\infty}$ estimate of the smoothing operators related to plane curves
Guo, Kanghui
443   Reflective Representations and Banach C*-Modules
Hadwin, Don; Orhon, Mehmet
448   Stable index pairs for discrete dynamical systems
Kaczynski, Tomasz; Mrozek, Marian
456   Approximation of smooth maps by real algebraic morphisms
Kucharz, Wojciech; Rusek, Kamil
464   On the solvability of a Neumann boundary value problem at resonance
Kuo, Chung-Cheng
471   A short proof of Euler's relation for convex polytopes*
Lawrence, Jim
475   Coefficient multipliers of Bergman spaces $A^p$, II
Lou, Zengjian
488   Caractérisations spectrales du radical et du socle d'une paire de jordan-banach
Maouche, Abdelaziz
498   Matrix transformations based on Dirichlet convolution
Selvaraj, Chikkanna; Selvaraj, Suguna
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