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Volume 54 Number 2 (Jun 2011)

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193   Measurements and $G_\delta$-Subsets of Domains
Bennett, Harold; Lutzer, David
207   A Bilinear Fractional Integral on Compact Lie Groups
Chen, Jiecheng; Fan, Dashan
217   Recurrence Relations for Strongly $q$-Log-Convex Polynomials
Chen, William Y. C.; Wang, Larry X. W.; Yang, Arthur L. B.
230   Universal Power Series in $\mathbb{C}^N$
Clouâtre, Raphaël
237   The Structure of the Unit Group of the Group Algebra ${\mathbb{F}}_{2^k}D_{8}$
Creedon, Leo; Gildea, Joe
244   Homogeneous Suslinian Continua
Daniel, D. ; Nikiel, J.; Treybig, L. B.; Tuncali, H. M.; Tymchatyn, E. D.
249   A Note about Analytic Solvability of Complex Planar Vector Fields with Degeneracies
Dattori da Silva, Paulo L.
255   On an Identity due to Bump and Diaconis, and Tracy and Widom
Dehaye, Paul-Olivier
270   Sequential Order Under PFA
Dow, Alan
277   Maximal Sublattices of Finite Distributive Lattices. III: A Conjecture from the 1984 Banff Conference on Graphs and Order
Farley, Jonathan David
283   Surgery on $\widetilde{\mathbb{SL}} \times \mathbb{E}^n$-Manifolds
Hillman, J. A.; Roushon, S. K.
288   The Resultant of Chebyshev Polynomials
Jacobs, David P.; Rayes, Mohamed O.; Trevisan, Vilmar
297   Lie Powers and Pseudo-Idempotents
Johnson, Marianne; Stöhr, Ralph
302   Structure of the Set of Norm-attaining Functionals on Strictly Convex Spaces
Kurka, Ondřej
311   Some Remarks Concerning the Topological Characterization of Limit Sets for Surface Flows
Marzougui, Habib
316   The Saddle-Point Method and the Li Coefficients
Mazhouda, Kamel
330   Sur la borne inférieure du rang du 2-groupe de classes de certains corps multiquadratiques
Mouhib, A.
338   Szegö's Theorem and Uniform Algebras
Nakazi, Takahiko
347   The Haar System in the Preduals of Hyperfinite Factors
Potapov, D.; Sukochev, F.
364   Lyapunov Theorems for the Asymptotic Behavior of Evolution Families on the Half-Line
Preda, Ciprian; Preda, Petre
370   Manifold-Valued Holomorphic Approximation
Stout, Edgar Lee
381   A Short Note on the Higher Level Version of the Krull--Baer Theorem
Velušček, Dejan

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