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Volume 52 Number 2 (Jun 2009)

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161   A New Tautological Relation in $\overline{\mathcal{M}}_{3,1}$ via the Invariance Constraint
Arcara, D.; Lee, Y.-P.
175   Connections on a Parabolic Principal Bundle, II
Biswas, Indranil
186   Extension of the Riemann $\xi$-Function's Logarithmic Derivative Positivity Region to Near the Critical Strip
Broughan, Kevin A.
195   The Waring Problem with the Ramanujan $\tau$-Function, II
Garaev, M. Z.; Garcia, V. C.; Konyagin, S. V.
200   Schubert Calculus on a Grassmann Algebra
Gatto, Letterio; Santiago, Ta\'\i se
213   Dunford--Pettis Properties and Spaces of Operators
Ghenciu, Ioana; Lewis, Paul
224   Equations and Complexity for the Dubois--Efroymson Dimension Theorem
Ghiloni, Riccardo
237   Points of Small Height on Varieties Defined over a Function Field
Ghioca, Dragos
245   Involutions of RA Loops
Goodaire, Edgar G.; Milies, CĂ©sar Polcino
257   Essential Surfaces in Graph Link Exteriors
Ikeda, Toru
267   Extensions of Rings Having McCoy Condition
Ko\c{s}an, Muhammet Tamer
273   Amalgamations of Categories
MacDonald, John; Scull, Laura
285   Global Geometrical Coordinates on Falbel's Cross-Ratio Variety
Parker, John R.; Platis, Ioannis D.
295   On Functions Whose Graph is a Hamel Basis, II
P{\l}otka, Krzysztof
303   A Comment on ``$\mathfrak{p} < \mathfrak{t}$''
Shelah, Saharon
315   Generic Quasi-Convergence for Essentially Strongly Order-Preserving Semiflows
Yi, Taishan; Zou, Xingfu

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